Did you know that you can turn pumpkins into pots?

Did you know that you can turn pumpkins into pots?

Instead of using the typical pots, why don't you dare with pumpkins?

Photo: Momtastic

You can use them to expose your most beautiful succulents, and it is also very simple! Follow Momtastic's tutorial and get down to work to get these original pots that will last the entire season.

Photo: Momtastic

The first step is to make a hole in the pumpkin (as deep as your plants need), then you will have to remove the remains of the interior, add the earth and ... ready!

Also, size does not matter. In fact, the more variety the better! And if yours are not succulents, you can opt for other autumn plants, such as chrysanthemums, kale or ornamental cabbage.

Photo: 17 Apart

Although if you prefer, you can also use plastic pumpkins (such as those in the Sand and Sisal tutorial) to make them more durable.

Photo: Sand and Sisal

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